Thursday, February 1

And the winning camera is....(Canon vs. Nikon)

Thank you to all of my readers and others who responded with wonderful helpful advice regarding what new digital SLR camera to buy. Based on those recommendations, a lot of research online, this blog and this blog and my two bestest professional photographer buddies, Jeff and Trevor (who did our wedding), I decided to purchase the Canon Digital Rebel SLR 8.0MP with an 18-55mm lens.
I have read a few places that the arguments for going Canon over Nikon is comparable to buying a PC vs. Mac. Both photographers told me they like both, but one shoots Nikon b/c he already has invested in the lenses and the other shoots Canon and does not recommend Nikon because the sensors are not as advanced as Canons.
I went with the Rebel for two reasons. One, I am still a novice. But a novice excited to learn and grown photographically, so I could not justify the price for a higher end Canon such as the D5....yet. Two, I had more recommendations for the Canon than the Nikon, and when I went to Wolf camera to get an actual feel for them, I was more pleased with the comfort of the Rebel in my small hands. You know what small hands mean. I can't weight to get home tonight and start taking action photos of the dogs. Last night Christy and I went out and purchased a SanDisk Ultra II 2.0GB CompactFlash card in anticipation of it's arrival from Amazon. I am so excited to begin shooting in RAW format, but when I found out that the 2.0GB card only holds about 80 shots in RAW, I immediately went online to find a cheaper price. But there are slim pickings. SO, look for some new, improved (hopefully) dachshund, snow and yard shots in the coming weeks. TTFN.

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