Tuesday, January 9

Apple announces iTv or Apple TV.

This is what I am getting from feeds. I will update once they offer other new products.
Exciting stuff:

1: Apple TV $299.00
from Mac Rumors Live.com

Way to enjoy your media on your bigscreen TV
Apple tv
buy content on itunes
wirelessly trasmit content to tv
720p HD video componet
usb2, ethernet, wi netowrking, HDMI, RCA
802.11 wifi - all three - b, g + n
intel processor
video, music & photos
stream from up to 5 from iTunes or store on HD

2,3,&4 New Full Screen Ipod/Phone/Blackberry-esque device ( 3 in 1)


saffry said...

Does Jobs have a really weird sense of humor?

"Jobs demonstrated the iPhone's music capabilities by playing "Lovely Rita, Meter Maid,"

Didn't they just settle a huge lawsuit with the Beatles over the use of the Apple logo?

davegannon said...

You made a good call! I wonder if anyone else put that together? How funny. It does make you wonder. I have read a few blogs but no one has mentioned that. I may pull this comment out and post it. Thanks. I am in LOVE with the new iPhone. Any snow yet overyonder in NY?

Dan said...

Funny, I was reading the blog of a local woman (don't know her, never comment on her site, just like to read a different viewpoint on our town) and she commented on it. She thought it was a big "Fuck You" to the Beatles because of their lawsuit. But reuters seems to think that it may be a sign that the Beatles catalog might come to Itunes soon.

Dan said...

oops, that was me.

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