Sunday, December 17

Vegas Birthday Vegas....bay-bee!

I spent my 39th birthday in Vegas! It was my mom's idea, and what a great idea it turned out to be. Christy and myself, my parents and my bro-in-law and sister. All six of us. It was super fun. I had only been to Vegas one other time with my mom and sis, so this was well, not better, but different. It was also different being in Vegas at "Christmas." I put quotes around Christmas because Sin City is very much not a Christmas place. Other than the Belagio, which, by the way, had the most spectacular Christmas display we had ever seen. It is a close second to New York City.

We had three celebrity citings. First was Friday night at Tao in the Ventian. We had VIP tix into the club from a friend of Jin, so that helped. Lifestyles of the Fat and Famous's Robin Leach was drinking champagne with whom it looked like was his son and a bunch of fake-boobed older woman.

Second, was Jeremy Sisto, who some of you will remember from the movie Grand Canyon with Steve Martin and Danny Glover among others. He played Kevin Kline's son. He also was in Clueless and Six Fee Under. Christy pegged him out of a huge Caeser's Palace Mall Forum crowd. Jinnie ran down the escalator after him but he dissappeared.

Thirdly, the citing was today, Sunday in the Mall next to our Paris hotel. It was Jaws from the James Bond movies. He was the freakishly tall guy with silver metal teeth, signing autographs. He did not have his teeth with him though and seemed like a very nice person.

I am sure you are asking yourselves, "why was dave in so many malls when in Vegas?" I was asking myself those same questions. This was in between all the craps, black jack and slots. I came home about $100 richer than when I left, so can't complain. Vegas baby!

There were many highlights, but one that stood out was our breakfast at the Peppermill, down the strip by the Stardust. It came from a recommendation from my cubemate Erin and her hubby, Michael. Thanks dudes. It was awesome. We especially loved the decor, rich in reds and cheesy decor. Loved the fire pit and $10 bloody marys. Not too mention the greasy diner food which each meal could feed two people, or at least one big hungry hungover person.

Other highlights were:

Bellagio water show! The fountains come alive and to syncronized water shows to music. Christy and I cuddled against the Strip wall and watched the fountains "dance" to Sleigh Ride. It was amazing.

The coffee. I think there was not one bad cup of coffee, be it the "free" coffee/drinks you get while gambling, or the little cafes and diners. It was all amazing. So fresh, so dark and so robust.

Pics to come.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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