Wednesday, December 20

I love this winter weather: 2006

Snow! I'm gonna wash my hands my hair and face with Snow!

For the past two days I have been watching the weather reports because they posted a Winter Storm Warning in effect until Wednesday night. Well this morning I woke up and checked Weatherbug and too my surprise, the Winter Storm Warning had been cancelled and updated to a Blizzard Warning in effect until Thursday. They are predicting and expecting over a foot, yes 12 inches, of snow for Denver proper. YES! At least it will be a white Christmas this year! Our first year in Denver for Christmas since I have lived here.


saffry said...

Did you get a snowday today? I heard about people having to stay at shelters last night because they couldn't get home from downtown. Do telecommuters get snowdays, or do you have to play in the snow without Christy?

No snow here. Booooo.

davegannon said...

Yes, I guess I get a snowday however no one went over it with us at work. No snow protocols in the newspaper biz. Sorry you guys have no snow yet. It should be coming your way though, for a white christmas would make more people happy. Christy tried calling in to her work, but it didn't fly. Guess there is ONE downside to telecommuting. ha!
Happy Holidays.

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