Friday, December 22

Bellagio Holiday Gardens Pics

While we were in Vegas, we visited the Bellagio hotel. I guess they are known for their unique decor designs in the inside gardens. This year was no exception. I brought my camera but did not have it with me and the phone camera I used did not do them justice. So, I went out on the web and found a person living in Vegas that had taken these. She was sweet enough to send them to me in high res format so I cleaned them up a bit and here they are.
The details of this display are amazing. The cranberry bogs with big stars, the flying reindeer covered with real walnut exoskeltons, polar bears and some of the biggest Christmas bulb ornaments I have ever seen. The tree was magnificant as well.

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painterjoy said...

So gorgeous! I love the reindeer! Vegas is the place for over the top zillion dollar extravagance!

Dave, what are your recommendations for a starter Christmas CD collection?

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