Monday, November 13

Runners Log. Mileage date 11.12.2006

In my continuing effort to train for a half marathon, I logged a personal best yesterday of 6.6 miles. It was amazing. I awakened at 6:30, dogs whining, ate a bowl of Harvest Wheat, blueberries and 1/2 a banana. Made a pot of coffee and read the paper(s) until about 8:30 just as the snow started to come down. It was a wet spitting snow but I was not deterred. I clipped on the iPod shuffle and away I went. I started on Fillmore, headed south to 26th. Then I went west down 26th to York and South on York to 18th. The first mile was the hardest but once I made it up 18th to Colorado, I was fine and hungry for more. When I reached Fillmore at 3.6 miles, I was feeling invincible and was ready for more so I picked up the pace. I continued down 26th to York where I turned south and ran up again to 23rd. Once there I headed east towards Colorado and the rain started coming down a bit harder and colder so I cranked up the Hoobastank and Disturbed. I finished in exactly 1 hour and the only parts of me that was hurting were my calves and feet. I think I need to hit the gym and work on strengthening thos muscles. It felt so good to do a half half marathon.

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