Friday, October 27

Weather/Job- How quickly they change

Another strange week has been put upon us. First was the gorgeous Fall sun and leaves. The next day, complete snow. Now today, we have lower 50's and sun. The snow is still present but fading fast. Amazing how fast it can change. Just like our job security.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever tempt the Gods by joking like that!!! I learned this lesson in college on the way to a Sox game with four friends. We borrowed Kristen's parents brand new car because it was bigger, but didn't ask first. All the way up we joked that if we got in an accident it better be fatal, 'cause Kristen didn't want to have to call her parents in the Bahamas with the news. Squeal, Smash, Crunch. Thankfully, the Gods took pity and did not make it fatal.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and how about this.

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