Saturday, October 28

Movies with Snow/Christmas in them.

I posted last year about what people's favorite holiday or snow movies were. I got some good responses that enriched my movie library. Now I am requesting more. Last night Christy and I watched The Family Stone. Hmm. We still do not know what to make of it. It had all the right ingredients such as actors, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Muhlroney, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, the guy from Coach, and Luke Wilson, so the talent was not lacking. The scenes were done very well. It took place at Christmastime, lots of white snow, beautiful snow scenes of real snow, at what looks like it took place in upstate New York, however they mentioned Bedford quite a bit which led us to think it was Massachusetts. Anyway, the story fell short. Just when you thought, ok, this is going badly, it got a little better. Then you thought, "wow this could get really good" it got worse. There was a part, or ingredient or maybe a theme, that really did not need to be there. I will not say much more, but would recommend you watch it and give us your feedback. Overall, I might even buy this movie just because of the snow scenes and mood.

So, please send me any movies that you know of that have a Christmas or feel good, fluffy snow theme or mood. They do not have to be Holiday movies, either. Thanks.

Here is what I have in my collection:

Home Alone 1 & 2
Christmas with the Kranks
Beautiful Girls ( from a reader last year)
Dead Poets Society
The Family Man
*The Family Stone
Meet the Parents
Spys Like Us
Groundhog Day
Grumpy Old Men


Anonymous said...

Favorite all-time Christmas movie is the original, uncolorized Miracle on 34th Street. Also good:

The Shop around the Corner(better than the "You've got mail" remake)
The Bishop's Wife
While you were Sleeping
Trading Places

davegannon said...

oh wow, good ones! thanks.
I totally forgot about Trading Places. I own it and it is my all-time favorite movie. Thanks again.
also, per last post, thanks for the Orvis lead. I hardly qualify with their strict standards, but who'da thunk in the middle of nowhere VT. I love Manchester Center though. How far are you from there?

Do you have snow yet? It was 74 here today but snow on the ground. Weird.

Anonymous said...

how about National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

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