Wednesday, September 20

What makes me tick

I received this from a loyal reader yesterday. It is a testament to even a dripping site like mine, that some do read and cherish posts. So, if you, the readers, are in fact reading this blog, please chime in once in a while, and let me hear from you. It is more fun when there is feedback. I hate to sound sobby, but just blabbing about life to cyberspace, is not much fun.
Love, Dave

PLEASE POST TO YOUR BLOG!! You don't understand
what you are doing to me by not posting. I have no
idea how you are, what's up with Christy from a
guy's point of view, how the dogs are doing, what
sweater vest to buy and any new celebrity fallouts
like Paris Hilton's DWI arrest!

I've patiently been checking daily and waiting
(daily) but with no luck. Without new postings to
your blog, then I'll actually have to do work, at
work, while at work. Who wants that!?

You loyal blog reader,

Mark K.


AllBeehive said...


I check your blog often. Sometimes 2 times a day just to see if you have posted yet. You take better pictures.

davegannon said...

i we here at gannon central thank you for reading and checking. commenting is also helpful to know that readers are coming here every day, sometimes twice daily. counts are up, but i like hard facts best. thanks.

Molly said...


allbeejunior said...

Phone calls usually help too.

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