Friday, September 1

2375 miles, 7.5 lbs....and counting

Yes, we are on our honeymoon, and loving it. We just arrived back in the Port of Seattle after a seven-day pristine, serene and Orca-filled Alaskan cruise. We are now in Portland visiting Christy's friend Michelle, before driving back to Seattle to Kim and Kevin's wedding. I must first thank Jinnie, Amy and Lora for watching our house. Jinnie has been so good calling us each day to give us a rundown on how many cherry tomatoes Bloom has been eating. They are quite scrumptious. Anyway, thanks ladies. I have just one minute to write from this here computer in the hotel, but wanted to say hi, and let all my devout readers know that I am still alive and 7.35lbs heavier given the average that cruise-goers gain on a seven-day trip. There were five-course meals every night, buffets for breakfast and lunch, and actually very good coffee. We went on a three-port cruise that sailed from Seattle, up into Juneau, then north to Skagway and finally back down through the inside passage to Ketchikan. Yesterday was our biggest whale day. And one of the most gorgeous sunny days. We saw at least 5 pods of Orcas ( Killer Whales ). It was amazing. They actually play for you. On our second day at sea, I lost all of our pics, IDIOT!!, so I do not have any from our first Humpback whale citings, but got a few others down the way. I will post when we get back in a few days. Until next time, as the Alaskans say...bye.

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