Monday, August 21

New Phone: Samsung A-900 Sprint

One of the "benefits" of marriage is merging cell plans and taking advantage of the Family Plan. I have a 1000 minute plan and Christy the same, but when I looked at my total usage for the past three months, it was a staggering 200 minute average. That has decreased significantly since my single days. I remember sweating a few months towards the last 5 days of the billing cycle. Now, it is a no brainer. Christy uses Cingular (ATT) and I have been with Sprint for over seven years so we decided to stay with them. I think they both offer reliable cell networks, and a wide choice of phones. Christy, whose current phone is a very antiquated-looking boxy device that has no fun features like, color screen, or camera, does not like fancy phones and states "just get me the bare bones phone, I don't need the flashy." Well, I thought for her blog she would like to have a camera to snap spontaneous pics that may make good topics so we got her a newer version of my present phone. I opted for the new Samsung A-900. It is, as a new phone always is, confusing. There is a music player built in with controls on the top of the phone. The buttons are not as intuitive as my current, but I think over time it will be a much better fit for me. The 1.3 Megapixel camera takes crisper pictures than my last Canon digital camera. I was hoping to hold out for Apple's anticipated launch later this year or mid-2007 of an iPod slash phone slash camera, which you can see what people think they will look like, here. The A900 will do for now. I am going to try the music feature today and will give a report this week. For now, my hope is that once Christy realizes the potential her phone has, that she is not annoying people on the street taking their picture.


AllBeehive said...

My old Nokia does have a color screen, it just doesn't take pics. I just want a phone to make calls. Crap, I just thought of a blog entry. I'll be back.

allbeejunior said...

You can't go wrong with a Korean Phone. I've beat the hell out of mine and I've never had a problem.

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