Thursday, August 10

Day 2: Parents and In-Laws arrive

Christy's parents and brother and fiance arrived last night. They had easy trips, from Korea and CT compared to the people who now have to deal with the joyous security lines due to the high alert placed on US Travelers since the foiled UK attacks. Good luck anyone that is coming in from now until Friday. Hopefully they will lower the level once a day has passed. My parents arrive in less than 3 hours. If I can just get over this cold, things will be perfect. Bring on the day!


AllBeehive said...

David your good with apple computers, would you make us look thinner.
Your new FIL

davegannon said...

I am not sure Apple computers are the answer. I know I need to lay off all the cake. Thanks for everything. Let's ALL get fit for 2006-2007.

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