Tuesday, August 8

4 Days: A night like none before.

No, not THAT type of night, get your minds out of the gutter.
Last night was one of the best nights ever on Fillmore st. It was gorgeous outside with a cool 76 degree temp blessing us on the patio. I got out a bottle or red wine, put 90.1 NPR classical station on and lit some candles. Christy and I ( and the dogs) sat there for about 3 hours talking and playing ball with Gibson. We called her brother in Korea too, just to check in about his flight schedule. It was so relaxing. I guess we went through almost two bottles of wine, thanks to the help of shower gift that our friend Molly got us. Thanks Molly and Shaun.


In other news, here is a cool program for you geeks out there. GUI GALAXY posted this new program, Delicious Library, that allows you to catalog all of your DVDs, Books, Music, using your iSight camera to scan the barcodes. Fun easy interface. I tried it out and it is super easy and resourceful. The pay version is $40, but you can use a demo for a certain amount of time to get the hang of it.

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