Tuesday, July 25

A Tikifest Weekend

My cubemate Erin threw her annual Tiki Party this weekend. What a riot. I got there early, around 4:00pm, 3rd person there, and finally had to bail around 10:30 PM because too many incoherent blabberings and insults were flying out of my mouth that it was safer to leave the party and drive home than it was to stay and risk waking up the next morning with regret. There was the limbo contest, the Who-Can-Drink-The-Most-Scorpion Bowl Drinks contest, which, Erin thinks I won, because she and I shared one and no one else attempted. Met some fun new interesting people, and the bartender she hired, Adam, was a solid anchor for the night. I manned the grill most of the night but they had some other awesome food too. Thanks to Erin and Michael for the awesome evening. Christy did not attend because Saturday night was her bachelorette party. THAT is a story in itself. Here are some highlights.

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