Tuesday, July 4

Feeling Older, like 20 Years Older

Hello. So we just got back from our South Dakota Roadtrip. This weekend was my 20 Year High School Class Reunion. Go Bucks! YHS Rules! Oops.

Yes, I know, I am capitalizing quite A Bit. It's just that this weekend, I felt older. BUT, I also felt inspired and accomplished.
We skipped the Friday night festivities so that we could work on Friday and take a 4-day weekend. The two events were Saturday night and Sunday afternoon so it worked out well. You can see a list of roadtrip events here at Beehive Central. When we got into town after making great time, thanks to the Cross Country, we dropped the dogs off at my parents and visited for an hour. Then after checking into the hotel and relaxing, we hit the Saturday event at the Waterfront. I immediately was amazed at how many people I had forgotten about but was so glad to see. First and foremost, I was glad to see and missed, Mary Pokorney. She and her husband were my inspiration for leaving Yankton for better things. We got to talk for quite awhile. Then there was Dave Carda and his wife Sara. I had not really talked to her much since they met but Saturday night was perfect for that. In Fin Tuan was there, and she is one of those classmates that I knew, but don't remember ever bonding or hanging out much but that night we connected. She is a freelance designer so that, I am sure, had something to do with it. I may have bored her and also pulled one of my "here, let me help you with all my information" about the freelance subject and bludgeoned her with it, so, In Fin, if you are by chance reading this, I apologize.

Then there were the random, inspiring meetings with (in no particular order) Tanya Gilmore, Wade Lucas, Alice Putz, Dave Lyons, Jackie Furdeck, Frank Albrect and Kayleen Snook, Dan and Deb Specht and Dan Treinen. I had some cool freakin' classmates.

You know how when you go back for a reunion, you always wish that one good-looking, popular person that pissed you off, or bullied you, had turned out to be fat and unaccomplished? Well, I did not meet one of them. I was actually happy about this. Someone said to me that he was bummed because one of the hottest girls, Robin Wells, hadn't gotten fat and ugly. Nope, JH, she hadn't. Hot as ever. I don't recall ever having a long conversation with her in HS, or at a party, and she was always super nice to me, so I did not feel the need for her to become devastated. I wonder if she felt the same way? I was happy to see most people had not changed much. There was not one of those "biggest changed" or "most successful" classmates. Some guys had gotten heavier. Some girls too. Some girls looked younger and had lost weight. I imagine most classes have found this to be true as well. I actually have lost 30 pounds since HS so I felt mighty accomplished. Some guys and girls are doing really well, but some do not do much. The geeks have succeeded as one would guess. The other issue that comes up regarding reunions is that

Seeing some of these people made me feel so healthy and happy that I am live in Denver. Living in Denver does have it's benefits. My fiance cooks healthy, keeps on me about eating right, and makes a conscious effort to order somewhat healthy food and drink MOST of the time. Some of my old classmates have weathered quite a bit. Me, on the other hand, I just FEEL older but look quite young and healthy, if I do say my damn self. So upon analyzing this 20th Reunion, I am happy to say that I am looking forward to my 25 or 30th. Ole, we missed you. Dedma, you too. Over and out.

Here is a link to the not-so-good pics of the festivities.

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Unknown said...

once again and as always, an outstanding post in your blog.....so what exactly IS that diet your wife-to-be put you on!? I wouldn't mind losing 30 pounds myself!



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