Wednesday, June 21

Voices Carry | Ruining the Mood

We went to the Botanic Gardens last night to see Aimee Mann. Richard Thompson opened. I had never seen either of them before. They are both excellent musicians and I was equally impressed with both. We met the Walmers and shared their blanket, along with wine, pears, bread, cheese, cobb salad and a few Aspen Edge beers. This was our first concert there and apparently it, like most "places-to-be-seen" events, has gotten out of control with too many people. Just like Sunday when we went to the City Park Jazz. It used to be this intimate setting with just the right amount of people. Now, due to marketing and attempts at wringing every last penny they can out of everything, they have ruined the mood. I would go back though, for the right artist. It helps that we get free tickets though. Helps a lot. We were hoping Aimee would dust off some old Til Tuesday songs, but sadly, none came. Here is a video snippet of her last night. She has a beautiful voice, and, according to Walmer as he was leaving the show, quite a nice butt.

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painterjoy said...

Great video! I love Aimee Mann too! And those pics of Christy are amazing! How fun!

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