Monday, May 22

Made my Week!

Wings, the TV Show, is FINALLY out on DVD! ( the first two seasons). I stumbled across this link and am so ready to sit home and watch it. This was my favorite show for at least 4 years. It is probably one of the reasons I moved to Nantucket and I named one of my iguanas after a character.


allbeejunior said...

I remember Wings being a very funny show, but I'm a bit curious. Is it one of those things that was really cool in the past but when you dust it off and try it out again it just isn't the same? I say this cause the A-team, walkmans, and Chuck Taylor All-stars don't have the same hip-factor they used to.

AllBeehive said...

I totally agree with you. Recently I went out and bought Princess Bride b/c DG had never seen it. It just didn't have the same comedic zing it had 20 years ago. And since Wings was never that great anyway, I'm thinking it won't have aged well.

davegannon said...

Thank you all for responding. Junior, I have to possibly agree with you on the "what used to be, is not so anymore" comment. I have had those moments but not Wings. Wings is just a good clever funny show.

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