Friday, April 7

RTD Strike...still on.

So, I am a little late in reporting this, not that anyone really is keeping tabs on this, but our Transit strike has been going on for a week now. It has been eye-opening to say the least, in a few aspects. One, it has made us realize how much the city relies on pub trans. Two, it has allowed the ugly heads of parking lot owners to show through as they raise rates every day to outrageous amounts taking advantage of our vulnerabilities. This process is up for debate in my office, as some think it is just normal supply and demand, others think, yes, they are bastards and gouging us. I feel a bit of both. Three things I have noticed from teh strike. One, the drives DO deserve more than the $1.80 raise over the next three years. Two, buses DO reduce traffic and congestion,  and Three, I get so much LESS reading done now that we have to drive... OH and Four, It's painful to spend $8 bucks a day on parking. I support the strike and hope that they come to an agreement soon. 

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