Sunday, March 19

Spring Cleaning/Sleeping/Snow coming

Based on an article I was reading, hanging out with the dogs, in Martha Stewart Living ( yeah, yeah, I know), I decided to do a Spring cleaning of the refrigerator. I basically used hot water and some baking soda. I pulled out all of the drawers, and shelving and went to town on them. It is amazing how dirty your fridge can become. It scares me to think that we store fresh veggies and meats and fruit in this dirty disgusting fridge. But Christy says that "well, they don't touch the food, so it should be ok." I still think it is gross. Now the fridge is sparkling clean and less cluttered.


This morning, the dogs let us sleep til 8:00am. This may sound like not a big deal, but every morning, like clockwork, they are up and ready to go outside at 6:25am. EVEN on weekends. Today CA got up and let them out and came back in after feeding them. She tried to get them to go back to bed to no avail, so they got in bed with us. Christy caught this picture, among others.
I keep thinking we should set up a Flickr account ...ok, so I just did.


I just found an old pic of Ole, who is going to be in our wedding. It was 1985 New Years Eve and we rented out two rooms at the Super 8 Motel. They would always put us partiers on the bottom floor knowing that we would open and crawl out windows, barf all over the bathroom and fill the tubs with Busch beer! Good times. Ole is circled in red.


We are bracing for a big snowstorm. They are saying it could be a foot or so. It is three years ago almost to the day of our last big blizzard. Come on snow!



AllBeehive said...

#1 The title of this post should have been Hairy Beasts or Sleeping Beauties, or Sleeping Hairy Beasts or....

#2 For the record, the fridge was gross and just because we don't slap a raw piece of meat down on the bare fridge, does not make it ok to be a sludge fest.

#3 All I can think is that you were super 8's nightmare. Think of all the people just passing through town that had a long drive ahead of them the next day that probably didn't even get 3 winks of sleep.

AllBeehive said...

I agree with you about the fridge. You have to remember that the person who disagrees with you washes her Dirty panties in the sink.

davegannon said...

Thanks for the kudos. While I can see Christy's point that nothing is touching, you have to wonder what kind of bacteria are partying out with the castaway crumbs at the bottom, the beef juice, and the random drops of mayo stuck to the side of the fridge wall. And if the only thing that matters is appearance, then that is my reason for cleaning. It makes such a difference in smell and looks, that it makes you want to keep it clean longer, AND/OR wipe up the spills before they get gooey. Next stop.....UNDER the fridge and stove.

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