Thursday, March 30

A running man in an unfair life

About three weeks ago I met with my trainer at the gym. Feeling like the 22 minutes on the treadmill was not making a difference, I went in because I needed an evaluation and adjustment to my workout. The running for 22 minutes and lifting weights for another 20 three times a week were not producing significant results. I wanted to whittle away more fat so Anna gave me some advice. Less weight training, more cardio. So I bumped my running up to 40 minutes. Now I am burning about 520 calories and hitting a distance of around 3.7 miles per run. But the weight is still there. I can feel a difference, and it is pushing it every run, but what I have noticed is that stupid eating habits are getting me down.

 Working in an office kills your diet. Especially around any holiday. Easter is one of the worst. Those darn chocolate eggs, bunnys, and malted milk ball eggs. I just read the label on these Reeses chocolate and peanut butter Eggs: 200 calories per 5 little bitty eggs. Dang!!!!

I give up. Well no, I won't, but it so frustrating to know that it takes 5 minutes of weakness to suck down 10 eggs, or 400 calories, but it takes over 35 minutes of grueling running on a treadmill to burn those babies off. Life is not fair. 

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AllBeehive said...

Better 10 chocolate eggs than 10 crispy cream donuts I've heard about someone eating. No names or anything just hearsay is all.

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