Thursday, March 2

Cool, Blogging from Dashboard Widget

I just downloaded this cool widget that lets me post from my desktop quickly. I am in the process of switching over my site(s) to WordPress which I installed last night, but for the meantime, I will use this handy accessory. 


Last night Christy and I went to the mall with our $100 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma, a thoughtful gift from Virginia and Archibold. We decided instead of putting the $$ towards one big item, we'd buy a bunch of fun little stuff. Christy got a 3 screen timer to replace the literally demolished 1-screen she has had for years. it is so fancy I could not do it this morning with sleep in my eyes and no coffee. I got some new soap and lotion and a hand stone to rub off the stinkyness that assaults your hands, especially the fish oil we give the dogs every night on their food.

Coming soon: Restroom Critic's new site.

Watch for it soon with new reviews and fun stuff. I am going to take this baby seriously from now on. 

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