Monday, January 9


Happy New Year - belated.

In this new year of 2006, I am not going to make excuses.
I would normally say, "sorry for the delay in posting", but that does no good.
I am not trying to sound negative. Negativity is out this year and optimism and enrichment are in.
Also out in my annual "personal report card" as I am calling it, not, resolutions, is procrastination.
I have made a list of things I would like to do this year. Here are most of them.

  • Try something new every week

  • Try a new restaurant once a month

  • Work on new business ideas at least 2 hours a week

  • Look for at least two positive aspects of any situation or place before you pick it apart

  • Stop complaining about my aches and pains to anyone, including fiance

  • Work on new business ideas at least 2 hours a week

  • Send more cards, correspondence to friends and family

  • Post to blog once a day (even if it is a one-liner)

That should keep me busy for awhile.

I hope you all have enough discipline and foresight to start your own personal report card for the new year. It is a reality check at the least.

1 comment:

AllBeehive said...

You broke your last resolution on the list. I look forward to your post.

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