Friday, January 13

Cambric good. Caffiene bad. But good.

I have been lacking concentration at work. I cannot focus on one thing for more than MmMM, coffee sounds good. I cannot focus on one thing for more than five minutes. So, I decided to try cutting out the coffee. I stopped cold turkey, so the headaches came on full force. Then I switched from my old reliable grande americano, to a grande soy, two honey, extra hot decaf chai cambric. For those of you who do not know what a cambric is, it is half water half milk/soy using tea bags. It's English. Anyway, I was on those for a week. My headaches went away, I was caffeine free for a week and it felt good. Trouble is, I still could not concentrate any better, and I missed coffee something terrible. I did sleep better tho. So, I am back on coffee now, but limiting myself to only one a day. I think I need some Ritalin.

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