Thursday, December 1

Window Washer's Nightmare-Denver, USA

Yesterday my friend Kelley caught this on tape across from her builing.
Here is also her account of what she saw:

"The wind caught a couple of window washers in the building across from
me a little bit ago. Their basket started blowing and crashing into the
building across the street. I'm on the 18th floor. So they were blowing
around pretty high.

It was aweful. I just got interviewed by 9News too. They wanted to hear
how horrific it was to watch. Apparently the guys were on their way to
the roof b/c of the wind...they were just too late. That thing was
swinging like mad.

The basket continued to hit the building and bust through windows right at people's desks. Papers got sucked out of the building. Glass went crashing down and broke windshields of cards on the street. Super scary. Both guys were rescued
by the fire fighters through a window.
Yeah...they were really impressed with the image quality b/c my little
Cannon is 5 Megapix and I was holding still ; )
Here's her video on 9 news. They bought it from her. And MSNBC called too.
It'll be on the national news tonight:
View her video

Someone also submitted video to 9News. Theirs is much longer and show
the drop and more slamming against the building:
This is from the ground

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