Saturday, December 3

I Scents that There are Many Smells for the Holiday

I don't know if marketing has changed, or if I am more aware of them, or if I just want to enhance and create a sense of Christmas in and around me, but this year especially, i have found numerous fir and pine smells in different applications for the house to keep me comforted around the holidays. ( whew, that was one drawn out sentence, that almost says nothing)
anyway, starting two years ago, I found some Suave seasonal shampoo with the scent of Garland and Fir. It is amazing. I thought it would be a coveted item so I bought 12 sets of shampoo and conditioner. Then Suave discontinued it. I am not sure why, maybe no one but me liked it. But I still have about 5 sets left and break one out every year. Just got this set out a few weeks ago. It really does make you think of Christmas wreaths and trees.
This year, I have found more. Caldrea has this wonderful White Spruce in various forms. I got the White Spruce dishwashing liquid, which has a very strong but unique and true pine scent-not Pinesol-y. I am mixing it with my regular hand dish soap. I highly recommend their hand wash too.

Next, I found at Restoration Hardware, some Winter Pine hand soap and lotion together in a wire holder. It is nice, the smell is grand, but I would not recommend it. Stick with the Caldrea for hand lotion and hand wash. I couldn't find a link to it, so no more info.

I have also been scouting around for essential oils to mix to try my own hand at making the perfect holiday scent. Mountain Rose seems to be the most complete, courteous and prompt company for these oils. I bought a bunch, such as white fir, pine, bayberry, pumpkin spice, and more. I will be trying my hand at small candlemaking as well. Getting into the spirit, yeah!

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