Sunday, December 25

I Hat New York

We went to New York City for the first two days of our Christmas holiday trip. I should let you know that I never, no matter where I go on vacay, buy anything for myself. Ok, I rarely buy anything for others either, but usually come home from a trip with nothing to show but memories, a few pics and some ticket stubs.

Christy found this cool fur hat with connected neck wrap. I love it on her. She was laughing all the way to the the icebox. It was so cold that night and Christy was baking.

This trip is/was different. The newest trend that we spotted was big, warm hats! It was our first night in NYC and we were leaving the hotel and I said to my fiance,"should I bring my hat?" and she said "which hat?", and I said, "my I love snow hat." She said, 'uh, no, you don't need a hat today." So I went hatless into the wild cold city. About our first hour into our trek from 56th and 7th to SOHO, we spotted a woman wearing this cool fur hat. Then we saw a few random guys wearing these big fur "Russian looking" hats with flaps. My grandfather used to wear one that was similar to this, but more businessman-like. Anyway, we walked all over the city, down to SOHO and almost back, to Union Square to buy this specific hat. It is SO warm and cozy and a cross between Davey Crocket and a Russian cossack.

This a pic of my good friend Pete. Pete hired me on Nantucket for the art director position. We met up at Molly's on 3rd between 21 & 22nd.

Make fun if you want, but guess who will be toasty when winter really hits this season.

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Hannakah too.


Erin said...

Hoooo boy, are you gonna get it when you're back in the office, Grizzly Adams. Or should I say comrade? Either way you're totally gay.

AllBeehive said...

He IS pretty gaily happy about his new hat.

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