Sunday, December 25

I Hat New York

We went to New York City for the first two days of our Christmas holiday trip. I should let you know that I never, no matter where I go on vacay, buy anything for myself. Ok, I rarely buy anything for others either, but usually come home from a trip with nothing to show but memories, a few pics and some ticket stubs.

Christy found this cool fur hat with connected neck wrap. I love it on her. She was laughing all the way to the the icebox. It was so cold that night and Christy was baking.

This trip is/was different. The newest trend that we spotted was big, warm hats! It was our first night in NYC and we were leaving the hotel and I said to my fiance,"should I bring my hat?" and she said "which hat?", and I said, "my I love snow hat." She said, 'uh, no, you don't need a hat today." So I went hatless into the wild cold city. About our first hour into our trek from 56th and 7th to SOHO, we spotted a woman wearing this cool fur hat. Then we saw a few random guys wearing these big fur "Russian looking" hats with flaps. My grandfather used to wear one that was similar to this, but more businessman-like. Anyway, we walked all over the city, down to SOHO and almost back, to Union Square to buy this specific hat. It is SO warm and cozy and a cross between Davey Crocket and a Russian cossack.

This a pic of my good friend Pete. Pete hired me on Nantucket for the art director position. We met up at Molly's on 3rd between 21 & 22nd.

Make fun if you want, but guess who will be toasty when winter really hits this season.

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy Hannakah too.

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AllBeehive said...

He IS pretty gaily happy about his new hat.

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