Monday, December 12

Freelance tree widdling down to close: 2 launches.

For the past 8 months, I have been overwhelmed with freelance. I am not complaining, but it is with welcomed relief that I will almost have completed three major new website projects by the time we head for NYC. I say almost, because I stil have one left but am close to finishing. One needs to be uploaded to their server but is complete, the other is done. Please take a look at my latest work. Thank you Erin for your help on this as well.

Marnie Ward

Double Your

Southeast South Dakota Tourism is very close to be completed.

Here is my freelance site: Studio Hampton Design

It actually feels weird sitting at home now and NOT have a site nagging me to come work on it. It will almost be a day since I have not worked on a site, and actually, I miss it. So, if anyone needs a website redesign or new website, plese feel free to contact me.

Thanks and bring on Rockefeller Center!

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