Tuesday, October 4


Yes, they do! We were blown away at the Foo Fighters concert on Friday at the Pepsi Center. I think I speak for April, Roxann and Christy when I say this. From the opening notes of In Your Honor, the stage show and mood was set! I almost choked when the lightshow stated with racing black and white graphics projected onto three "f-esque" -shaped screens hanging from the rafters.
Mike, Christy's brother who lives in Korea, translated FOO, which means "the Light from the Dragon. Awesome! thanks Mike.

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AllBeehive said...

Though I read in an article today from Rolling Stone Magazine that came out during their first tour for the first album, that it has something to do with Aliens spaceships and the 1950's? Also they used Roswell as their studio or some suchedness.

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