Tuesday, September 13

GG Bay-Bee!

Tonight is the season opener for Gilmore Girls! I am stoked. We were going to have a party but it snuck up on us so fast that we ended up just calling two people, and one I cannot get ahold of. Martin, if you are out there, email me!


In other news....
I did one of the most domestic "man" things this Saturday. We bought a lamp post for the front. Apparently the old one was knocked over by the previous owner and his bad lawnmowing. So I decided since some vagrants stole our little walk lights, that we better get a new post in soon, for it will be Halloween soon and the ghouls will be tricking. Also, it would be nice for any guests who come visit, to actually be able to see themselves safely up and down the stairs.
so, we went and got a bag of cement, new wire, and some electrical tape. I dug out the old cement footings, cut the old wire.
stole some sand from the back alley, which the city says we own, anyway, so not really stealing. Put in the new post, threw some cement in the hole filled it with water, and presto! new post. The connecting of the wires to the new lamp was the toughtest part, which I enlisted christy's help. so just as the sun went down we had light. LIGHT! so bright, i am waiting for aliens to land. I don't have a finished pic yet, but here are a few from the beginning. It felt good to do this project, so hopefully i will be inspired and empowered to do more. Christy was impressed.

Then, Sunday was The Bay Dog Day in Broomfield. My coworker Nancy suggested we all participate. What a hoot. Here are the pics.


AllBeehive said...

Crash it! Ha, you would cater it!

davegannon said...

Yeah, that would be awesome! Maybe we should set up webcams and do a virtual GG party! someday!
If you cooked, you would negate the whole Lorelai and Rory way of eating....badly! The Apple Curry sounds awesome! Thanks. Enjoy tonight!

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