Saturday, September 24

Birthday Girl turns 34! // Officially a Yuppie!

Happy Birthday, Christy! Woo Hoo! We are going out for sushi tonight. Then tomorrow night, I got her tickets to see the play Wicked!
Well after much deliberation to end my Toyota-owner status, I have chosen another maker. Volvo. I got a 2002 Volvo XC70 Cross Country. It is Green/Metallic Gray. It is an awesome car. It has a few miles on it, but well worth it. The pics don't do it justice but I will try to get a few more when the sun comes out.

Some may say, "Dave just wants the yuppie lifestyle and is living a dream buying this car." and they may also be saying "You paid too much money for a wagon, why not just get a VW or Ford Focus?" Well, to them I say this: "I did a lot of research, test drove some cars, SUVs and searched the web for the perfect car. I really wanted another 4Runner because my truck could not carry passengers. When we went to Santa Fe with my parents, I could not haul them in my Tacoma. My dad even said "well, where are we going to sit?", he was right. I wanted the 4Runner b/c i love Toyota, they have a impeccable track record, style, and class. But now, especially with gas prices, I could not deal with the guilt and stigma of driving such a gas guzzler. I also think the new ones are a bit too big. I wanted a safe, reliable, stylish, and gas miser. I took a look at the Subaru Outback, which two of my friends just bought. I like them a lot. My friends, and the car. But I didn't feel they were as stylish as I wanted. I was close to getting one tho. Great choice guys! And i wanted to stay away from the VW cuz of their horrible repair records. And the Audi just was too much money. So here I am with the XC70. I bought if from a local "dealer" eric hurtado at Solid Cars. He owns this small Volvo shop on Broadway. he is not a salesman. He was also recommended to me by our Denver Post Car Guy/Reviewer, Bud Wells. I never felt any pressure and he seems like a very honest guy. All his cars are purchases at auction, and he only buys quality, clean 2002-2003 volvos. I highly recommend him.


da' hammer said...

Wow! What a nice looking lamp post in the front yard!! Oh yeah, nice car too.
tee, hee, hee!
I was just talking to Kim today wondering if you ever got the new ride. Mazel Tov! It looks great and I am sure you are enjoying it!
When are you taking us for a ride?!
Peace Out!

Ducatista said...

Hey what a coincidence!!!
I bought my XC70 (11/04) after selling my aging RAV4 with 120000mi on it.
What a car.
I also considered the Outback 3.0 but find the Volvo way more stylish, luxurious and solid.
I mean, just look at the interiors. The Sube has a thousand gizmos and electronic toys that my Volvo doesnt at the same price.
But the Volvo's interior looks just the business.
The Sube has a better 4x4 system but I just need to drive in the snow, so...
The Sube is sleeker, the Volvo chunky but elegant.
At the end I bought the silver Volvo.
It travels on cruise control forever at 120mph and you hear nothing.
It goes like stink off the traffic lights.
It overtakes 99% of other cars at a mere touch of the gas pedal and the Geartronic is just terrific.

Now lets hope it doesnt break down since I have read quite a few complaints on

We wil not be deterred by mere technicalities though will we?


Erin said...

Nice car, slappy! Now you and Mike both have soccer mom cars! Ha-ha!

michelle said...

Oh! I always forget
when your birthday is :(

Happy Birthday, Christy!!!

And, Dave, nice car! It's part of your "evolving lifestyle" :)

lonniessiss said...

your new car is sweet. We are super stoked that there is a volvo parked in our adjoining alley...especially a volvo stationwagon. in fact, I daresay that it might be the first volvo to live in fillmore/milwaukee street alley. It makes our alley look better, nicer, cleaner-cut (read: it increases the value of my house)
watchout skyland the yups are moving in and taking over...I am glad you got the volvo and not the subaru, that is too much of a "johnny colorado" car, volvo is much more east coast-ish
amy and F


lonniessiss said...

the new fall header on your website is very nicely done!

davegannon said...

hey thanks for the comments. Ducatista....thanks for stopping by. I am loving my car now. It is still a bit solid for me coming from the truck but i am getting more used to it every day. the straying is for some but not for me. good luck with that. Lonniesiss: Yes indeed we are yuppin' up the neighborhood and i am proud to be the pioneer. we gentrifiers must stick together and spread the word. Come over sometime and we can all take a spin around the hood and pic up refuse and spread even more yuppie filth in this area....maybe it will catch. woof woof!
Michelle, thanks. she had a good birthday...i think, and hope. Love your blog. so keep up the good work. it is SOOO hard to diet while reading your scrumptious entries. I am dying for some chili!
Jay; thanks buddy. come by any time for a spin in the new beast. Sorry, no Foo for you. Happy Anny.

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