Saturday, September 24

Birthday Girl turns 34! // Officially a Yuppie!

Happy Birthday, Christy! Woo Hoo! We are going out for sushi tonight. Then tomorrow night, I got her tickets to see the play Wicked!
Well after much deliberation to end my Toyota-owner status, I have chosen another maker. Volvo. I got a 2002 Volvo XC70 Cross Country. It is Green/Metallic Gray. It is an awesome car. It has a few miles on it, but well worth it. The pics don't do it justice but I will try to get a few more when the sun comes out.

Some may say, "Dave just wants the yuppie lifestyle and is living a dream buying this car." and they may also be saying "You paid too much money for a wagon, why not just get a VW or Ford Focus?" Well, to them I say this: "I did a lot of research, test drove some cars, SUVs and searched the web for the perfect car. I really wanted another 4Runner because my truck could not carry passengers. When we went to Santa Fe with my parents, I could not haul them in my Tacoma. My dad even said "well, where are we going to sit?", he was right. I wanted the 4Runner b/c i love Toyota, they have a impeccable track record, style, and class. But now, especially with gas prices, I could not deal with the guilt and stigma of driving such a gas guzzler. I also think the new ones are a bit too big. I wanted a safe, reliable, stylish, and gas miser. I took a look at the Subaru Outback, which two of my friends just bought. I like them a lot. My friends, and the car. But I didn't feel they were as stylish as I wanted. I was close to getting one tho. Great choice guys! And i wanted to stay away from the VW cuz of their horrible repair records. And the Audi just was too much money. So here I am with the XC70. I bought if from a local "dealer" eric hurtado at Solid Cars. He owns this small Volvo shop on Broadway. he is not a salesman. He was also recommended to me by our Denver Post Car Guy/Reviewer, Bud Wells. I never felt any pressure and he seems like a very honest guy. All his cars are purchases at auction, and he only buys quality, clean 2002-2003 volvos. I highly recommend him.


da' hammer said...

Wow! What a nice looking lamp post in the front yard!! Oh yeah, nice car too.
tee, hee, hee!
I was just talking to Kim today wondering if you ever got the new ride. Mazel Tov! It looks great and I am sure you are enjoying it!
When are you taking us for a ride?!
Peace Out!

davegannon said...

hey thanks for the comments. Ducatista....thanks for stopping by. I am loving my car now. It is still a bit solid for me coming from the truck but i am getting more used to it every day. the straying is for some but not for me. good luck with that. Lonniesiss: Yes indeed we are yuppin' up the neighborhood and i am proud to be the pioneer. we gentrifiers must stick together and spread the word. Come over sometime and we can all take a spin around the hood and pic up refuse and spread even more yuppie filth in this area....maybe it will catch. woof woof!
Michelle, thanks. she had a good birthday...i think, and hope. Love your blog. so keep up the good work. it is SOOO hard to diet while reading your scrumptious entries. I am dying for some chili!
Jay; thanks buddy. come by any time for a spin in the new beast. Sorry, no Foo for you. Happy Anny.

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