Monday, August 29

Backyard Guardian/Big Sale

Well it was quite a weekend. Went to a bachelor party on Friday night and met some cool guys. Ended up leaving around 10:30 but woke up Saturday not feeling so well. It was 7:30 when i awoke to drive up to Erie to participate in the 80-90 Home Garage Sale in my sister's development. OMG. It was chaos. people running around in the streets, making bargains, making bids, and people selling EVERYTHING. I think i even saw a baby for sale, ha! Anyway, i went to my storage unit and got my bed, couch, and some other odds -n- ends. This was awesome. We ended up selling everything, the bed, couch, grill, coffee table, some clothes, shoes, and glasses, for a total of about $400. What a day. Jinnie and Marc sold their TV, VCR, a nice tent and other random items. It was a good day.
Sunday came around and I felt like i was getting sick. But managed to take the day, cleared out the rest of my storage unit and now will save $100/ mo. I just have to find room in the garage now. Thanks for your help, CA.

the cleansing felt good.

So after piling my stuff in the garage, christy went out to the alley to throw some stuff away. here, she found this. I thought it would be cute for him to watch over our yard for awhile, until someone steals him, or the weather deteriorates his exoskeleton. Fall is just around the corner.

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