Tuesday, June 28

Stopping the Slacking

I realize that you, my lovely readers, need more valuable updates on this site, SO, I am making an effort to post every day. Thanks for being patient.
In news, first, is that Christy's mom, Reverend Judy, is in town for the ABC conference. She is staying with us. Last night we sat out on the deck and drank Bees Knees and chatted. It was a beautiful night. Today she rode the bus with me into work, walked over to the conference hotel. Christy made Salmon burgers from Marczks Fine Foods last night. Simply scrumptious.
On Sunday, I had 5 tickets to the Rockies/Royals game. Second row, behind first base. My sister and bro-in-law joined us, along with Erica and another friend Steph. The beers sure were flowing. Fun day. ( I have pics but they are corrupt, I will try again later.)
Gibson went on his first hike of the season on Saturday. We went up to Morrison. I think we got started too late, b/c by mid-hike, we was diving for shade. He was so hot that his tongue had sand on it from sitting in the gravel under shade. Poor dude.
Umm, ok that is it for now. thanks for being bored with me.

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da' hammer said...

mmmm.... Bees Knees.....!!

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