Thursday, June 30

80's Metal Moment!

Judas Priest stopped here on their Angel of Retribution tour last night at Fiddler's Green. Michael B and I went to the show. We had 6th row tickets that were awesome. Rob Halford is back in the band after a haitus of about, what 10 years? The metalheads were out in full force, mostly, we think, from Arvada and Aurora. Priest pulled out the classics, You Got Another Thing Comin', Hell Bent For Leather, and Breakin' The Law! Beers were $8.50. It was good to get the blood pumping again with some 80's energy, despite these guys approaching 60. I swear after every song they would leave the stage to take a hit of oxygen. One highlight was the drunk drunk drunk Thirty-Something chick with her boyfriend who couldn't keep her shirt on. She kept flashing the band and by the end of the show, she just couldn't keep her shirt on. Poor girl. Poor us.....actually. Oh the metal years! I need me some Foo Fighters, pronto. Next up....Iron Maiden.

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