Thursday, April 21

It's been a long time....

Boy, when the snow flies, I stop working.
I have two new additions to my blog today.
first, is Kim Sharp's blog, and second is a blog about being a dork by Erin Enwall. Both girls are co-workers and have been inspired by my blog. Kim will be posting a cat pic a day and erin, well, who the hell knows. both are very creative designers so I am sure they will be a treat, so keep an eye on them, won't you.

in other news....
it's YARD TIME! I have been turning compost piles, mowing, seeding, fertilizing and raking. Oh what fun.....really! I am so into this yard stuff, I could take a few days just to work in the yard/garden.

I have also been planning a new patio garden design for the "back 40". I will post the designs once they are finished.

Also: We went to Seattle and the only pic I took was this:

In other news.... did I post this yet? Christy got a new job, jeez. Anyway, she left her past job cuz they basically closed down. She is now not downtown, but out in Commerce City, Henderson, to be exact. We miss her down here but she is making big waves tho and cleaning up the place with her wicked wit and computer skills. She has already brought homemade dog biscuits to the boys and is constantly staring at the new picture coffee mug I made her.


da' hammer said...

So I had to do it....Here is a link to actually buy your own "Pee Guy". And it's only $1.99. hmmm... may be an interesting piece to randomly put out at a dinner party somewhere.

da' hammer said...

Dude, like those cats have no hair!? What gives?!

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