Wednesday, March 9

Help us get Wings on DVD!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love(d) the NBC show Wings . A lot.
I found this site to send a petition to the network to release this 7 year series on DVD.
Please help all Wings lovers and sign it. Thanks.

(p.s. if you sign it, let me know, thanks again)


AllBeehive said...

I'm sorry baby but there is just no way. To have this video in the house may be akin to owning Ashley Simpson music :) love me

da' hammer said...

Number 2259!
Wings was great! Ashley Simpson SUCKS!

davegannon said...

thanks to you both, even though, christy, you might as well accept the fact that IF and WHEN they come out on DVD, it WILL be added to the collection. Wings saved my life from hometown hell.

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