Thursday, March 31

Emerald City

Hey all! Well since Christy is starting her new job on Monday, she wanted to take a quick trip. Got a killer deal on Travelocity....hotel and flight. So off to Seattle we went on Friday. What an awesome city. Wish I had not forgotten the camera. But the instamatic disposable hopefully grabbed a few good representations of our weekend. Here's a list of what we did:

    Met new fun acquaintance on Plane.
    Saw Sun on Friday.
    Cheap $1.25 Pub Trans bus from Sea-Tac to hotel (10 blocks from Pike Place)(Saved $20)
    Took Ferry over to Bainbridge Island( I could live there)
    Drank coffee
    Walked and shopped
    Drank coffee
    Ate crab and seafood bisque.
    Walked and shopped
    Drank Coffee
    Ate Dinner with her friends from there (originally from Denver-all of whom do not miss Denver, and I know why)
    Saturday brought us Rain
    More Walking and shopping
    Dog treats for Gibson
    New Public Library - a must-see
    Shopping in Ballard ( cool area of Seattle)
    Dungeness Crabs and dinner with friends

If you see yourself tripping there anytime soon: Seattle Weekly, The Stranger
Fun weekend.

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da' hammer said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip. One of these days we will get up there. I hear it is a fun place to visit. But better than Denver?! Maybe if 'those friends' are comparing Seattle to Denver as cities, that may be different. But I not sure how they can say that area is better than here. Unless of course you are a duck!
Shalom my brutha!

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