Wednesday, February 2

Comments. Sign in hassle?

Is it a big pain to sign in to Blogger to post on these blogs?
or are you just not interested in posting? or do I not post anything that is worth commenting on?
I am turning off the Blogger sign-in for a few days to see. But please post and provide feedback on your reasons.
Thanks, Dave


Anonymous said...

I don't mind signing in, but it would be nice to not have to sign in every time. Can I join your site? I love your input and wisdom on subjects. Can you explore more with culture and sociology? Signed, me.

Anonymous said...

What's a blog? And if I post something does that mean I'm a blogger?

davegannon said...

Dear Anonymous poster:
A "blog" is a web log. Some are filled with useless information from people thinking what they say matters to someone other than themselves. Other blogs are used to spread the word on technology, politics and a wide variety of topics. I do not believe you are a blogger unless you have your own web log. How about identifying yourself. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would sign in but then I wouldn't be able to make anonymous duvet cover remarks.

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