Tuesday, February 22

Another iTune score! (2 from 5)

Is anyone out there buying up the Pepsi to try and win an iTune?
I am trying to do the math. If you buy a 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi for $1.58 and win a song, you get a cold refreshing soda and an iTune for $1.58. If you buy the same soda and get the "Please Play Again" then you obviously don't get a song.
If you were to go to iTunes musics store and purchase a song for $.99 you would only get a song but would have saved yourself $.58 cents an not had to drink a bottle of sugar/caffeine. Ok, i still cannot do the math. I guess, if you are hankering for a Pepsi product, and just happen to win a song too, then cool. You scored $.57. if you get the "Please Play Again" and you only were wanted to play the game yourself to see if you could win a song, then, you got schnookered.
Anyway, so I guess the lesson is, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi! What a waste this was....

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da' hammer said...

Go get 'em! WAHOO!!
I have thought about buying a Pepsi to see if I win but I know I will be disappointed that the song will not actually be playing when I open the bottle (like in the commercials). I think we could consider that false advertising and then create a lawsuit...hmmmm....
I also wonder what happens when you do not win. Since all the people in the commercial win, what song does it play if you are not a winner?
I don't know. I can't handle that.

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