Monday, January 31

Is David Gannon John Smith?

Hi, it has come to my attention that some people believe my name, Dave Gannon, is as common of a name as say, John Smith. Can anyone defend me in disproving this accusation? thanks.


AllBeehive said...

John Smith, Joe Blo, David Gannon...yes all very Milleresque. Maybe you could add a ski to your last name to spice it up a bit.

AllBeehive said...

Well at least your name is not on the top 30 of most popular names in the US.

AllBeehive said...

and from

Alright, alright, I concede on your last name!
gannon is the #2501 most common last name.
0.005% of last names in the US are gannon.
Around 12500 US last names are gannon!

But not on your first name:
david is the #6 most common male name.
2.363% of men in the US are named david.
Around 2894675 US men are named david!

davegannon said...

Did you check John, Mike, and Steve? At least this still proves that my name is not THAT common. Thanks C Lynn A, Dg

AllBeehive said...

John is #2, Michael is #4, but Stephen is #18. xxoo

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Sorry to disillusion you, but I happen to be married to "the other" David Gannon that lives in Denver. In fact, I thought it might be funny (and confusing) to have you design his music web page. I sure haven't been able to find the time to do it.

We field calls meant for you on occasion. I sure hope the reunion committee found you a few years ago! Lord knows we all want to go back to that 10 year nightmare to find out what people are pretending to do with their lives.

If you happen to get calls for gigs to sing. Send 'em our way. That is of course, unless you happen to be an Irish/Italian tenor too.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you embrace the DG that is in all of us.

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